Vuthy bought a piglet and 4 months later, she sold a pig. She paid off the $US50 and saved some money for her family.


Banteay Meanchey is a densely populated province and it’s often hard for people to find employment. Currently, in response to this problem, many people are migrating from Banteay Meanchey to work in Thailand. This migration has negatively impacted children as they are sometimes forced to work in Thailand unaccompanied, or they may be left in the care of family members back home, or left on their own. Depending on the circumstances, many children have had to drop out of school, making them vulnerable to exploitation and abuse. The combination of poverty, lack of education, and migration have caused many children to be perfect targets for the lucrative trade of human trafficking.

In a response, Chong Kork Baptist church started a project in 2007 called “Save the Children” in partnership with Kone Kmeng. In the beginning, the project was focused on assisting children in the Chong Kork village to have access an education. Later, the project was expanded to cover two more areas – community education and family development activities as a holistic approach.

Vuthy is one of beneficiaries from the family development project. She is married with a child who is 5 years old now. Vuthy has looked after her child at home while her husband went to work in Thailand for 2 and half years. In Nov 2011, Vuthy decided to get a loan of $US50.00 from Save the Children project. She bought a piglet and 4 months later, she sold the pig. She paid off the $US50 and could save some for her family. In May 2012, she got the second loan of $US50 again, but this time, she could buy 3 piglets along with her savings. It took her 4 months to raise them until they were ready for selling. After she sold the pigs, then she was able to start a new sewing business. She bought in 3 sewing machines. In the same time, she asked her husband to come back home. She started employing to do the work with her.

In June 2013, she got another loan from Save the Children project to buy two more sewing machines. It made a total of 7 sewing machines together. She employs 7 villagers to work for her business. These 7 people can make income in a rank US$ 90 to US$150.


Vuthy said, “I am very thankful to the church and donors for providing me and my family this opportunity. It helps to improve my family and in the same time, I can help to provide jobs to my villagers so that they no need to go over to Thailand. It is very safer to be in the village. And we can be sure our children are safe and be supportive to be in school.”


Thanks very much for your prayer and support to our ministry! We couldn’t make this happen alone without you!




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